Have I mentioned that I’m an idiot?

Have I mentioned that I’m an idiot?

I believe in self deprecation. It keeps one honest and humble. Socrates once said that true knowledge is knowing that you know nothing. A fair statement. However, I exemplify the concept of stupidity, considering I’ll do something dumb, even after lots of research. Lets examine the last two weeks. After many weeks of pain, suffering, ... Read More »

A Man and his monkey

A Man and his monkey

Like chocolate and peanut butter. Like Ponch & Jon, B.J. and The bear, there’s a man and his bike. Figured I’d share this one. Its a 3 minute long exposure. Not sure how I stood still for so long. But I did. I think it came out pretty well. Read More »

New Chain Tensioner

New Chain Tensioner

So I wanted a chain tensioner. But all the ones out there were kinda boring, and didnt really do it for me. And of course, someone out there is thinking, “Its a chain tensioner man, why do you even care?” I’ll tell you why. Style. Its all about style. If it can look badass for ... Read More »

Because retro is good!

Because retro is good!

The stock tail light on the bike is good. Its a cateye shape, it illuminates my license plate. It does its job. However, its made of plastic. It could contain more awesome than imaginable. It must be replaced. A little searching found LowBrow Customs out of Ohio. They stock lots of tasty bike stuff, and ... Read More »

And the bike begins to change…

And the bike begins to change…

As soon as I got my new bike, the first thought ran to customization. What am I gonna do to it? Do I have a plan? Or am I gonna just follow where the natural progression takes me. I settled for the latter. but I knew one simple thing. Whatever I did, there would be ... Read More »

The Joy of A New Helmet!

The Joy of A New Helmet!

When I got my first icon helmet, I knew enough about helemts to get in trouble. But I bought an icon helmet, which meant that instead of getting in trouble, I got spoiled by getting a great helmet for not a ton of money. Then I discovered that icon know what style is. They get ... Read More »

Jacket Upgrade time!

Jacket Upgrade time!

When I first started riding, I picked up a slightly used jacket from a friend. It was black and yellow, and I looked like a 90′s Marvel comics reject. But it was armored and it worked. My helmet was icon. I had too many pairs of gloves to count. Over time, I read more and ... Read More »

A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Several years ago, round about 2 now, I decided that I was finally going to learn to ride a motorcycle. I was going to take the class, get my endorsement, buy a bike, get all the gear, and get to getting. It was high time I put my money where my mouth was, and got ... Read More »

Napping Watch
Miss Poo
Pad & Quill
She totally earned it.
My ever constant chaperone.
Truck in my yard!
Oh captain, my captain.
The humper
Squirrel man!
Darkly cute
Professor Elemental!
A treasure
5 years
Harmonic percolator
New Lenses
The Micro Terror. Roscoe.
The conclave of pigbagel
Is a Vinz
Tiny lobstars
April must devour!
Meg with pie.
Drinks at Trader Vic’s

The FaceLift

I have to admit, I’m really liking the facelift I’ve given MGL. It was about time. No more linear stream of postings. Just a wall of stuff I choose to throw up. Goodbye old blog. Hello new existence. Read More »

My newest garden.

My newest garden.

This morning, it was an ugly patch of grass, badly lined with stones and concrete. Now it’s a walled garden. I still need 16 more stones and several bags of mulch, but I’m pleased with the result so far. Read More »

Princess TinyFeet
More Annie
Motorcycle picture!


A tasty, delicious bottle of “looks like orange, tastes like grape.” I love obscure sodas.   Read More »

Where am I?

It would seem that I’ve lost my written voice. I have this gorgeous piece of the internet, I have all kinds of awesome software installed, and I pay for it. But I realize I’m logging in once every 6 months. And I’ll post something maybe twice a year. Every time I do so, I comment ... Read More »

Good Grief

WordPress just published an update, and I realized I havent updated since January. I think that shows a massive amount of neglect on my part. Oops. So many things have happened since January, I’m not entirely sure where to begin. Lets see Since my last post in January, that month tried to kill me. I ... Read More »

Oh yeah, I have a website…

I’m reminded of a conversation with David a while back, where he was giving me grief for all the times I’ve mentioned how I need to write more. In thinking about that, I’ve seriously begun to ponder it. I’ve been more and more of the mind that perhaps it wasnt a matter of losing my ... Read More »

I’m just sayin…

Its 2:22 in the morning. I cant stop coughing due to some kind of lung thing I’ve caught at work. Or possibly from Chris. I’m not sure. I made baked Spaghetti for dinner, hung out with Jim, played some Forza, and am about to go to bed. I’m supposed to go to Ikea with Katie ... Read More »



One of the two men I call brother. Jim. He and April have relocated to Portland. At the moment, they’re in the nerd cave. Jim’s playing borderlands. April is asleep with a stuffed shark named Fred. Oddly, it makes complete sense. Read More »

Ahem, is this thing on?

Over the last several months, or year rather, I’ve apparently lost my voice. My written voice that is. I find myself posting photos to FaceBook, looking at google+ every once in a while, and ignoring Twitter, but I find that the web presence that I’m so fond of, I dont update anymore. I’m not sure ... Read More »

If Only.

I do not write about work. I make a conscious choice not to speak about my employment in any way, as that is most appropriate. Never in my life has this been harder. If I gave it a chance, the words would come pouring out of me. There are so many things I wish to ... Read More »

Software Updates

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down and making time to run updates for one’s site, only to find out that wordpress is melting down because it says that this latest version of wordpress requires a newer version of MySQL. So you log into your web host’s portal. You check one server, which should be ... Read More »

On the cost of goods and services

Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic is quoted by CNN as saying: “Look at the price of a car. Or college. Or a gallon of gasoline. Or lunch at Applebee’s. Or a movie ticket. People don’t calculate hourly entertainment value very well.” Okay, first off, I consume a lot of news media. A massive amount really. ... Read More »


I’m a big fan of customization. Snowboards, guitars, cars, computers, you name it. If I own it, I have to tweak it somehow, in order to make it uniquely mine. So too for my site. As time passes, MGL continually morphs into something new with each revision. This is the most recent. So far, I’m ... Read More »

A busy Wednesday

Today started early. And by early I mean before 8am. Meg and I got rolling and took mush to the vet. $200 later lad theynstill dont know what’s up. Blood tests and urinalysis are pending. I’m hopeful though. I don’t wanna have to put the little munchkin down. She’s too damned sweet. Once that was ... Read More »

Mildly unstoppable

I woke up today, and realized that an entire day of being in the house and sleeping was driving me slowly nuts. I needed to do…something. So I got dressed and mowed the lawn. Then we went to freddys and got new hoses, a bird feeder, and a bug zapper. I’m also toying with the ... Read More »

So, I should probably write more.

A good friend announced to me today that she spent an hour reading this space today, and that I write pretty well. Methinks that this is a hint that I should write more frequently. This shall be the case. I’m giving myself an ultimatum. There will, from now on, be at least one post a ... Read More »


Its all about perspective. When I was a kid, I hated getting roped into yard work. Mowing, trimming, all that shit. I didnt care in the least. Now, its years later, and I have a huge backyard and a huge front yard. Both have been overgrown with moss. The grass hasnt really been tended to ... Read More »

Hacking Borderlands

As some of you may or may not know, I picked up Borderlands on a fluke, when it first came out. Like everyone else, I was shocked at how good it was, and then spent hours sucked into the original game as well as the expansion packs. Recently, Borderlands shipped for the Mac. Of course, ... Read More »

In The Loop.

Ah yes. There was a time when I could be called a prolific user of online media distribution services. Now, I find that I read what others post, more than I post myself. Go figure. Besides, life is full of all kinds of adventure. I find that I work, sleep, and conquer the daily life, ... Read More »

Borderlands Failure.

I’m a little annoyed right now. Let me just put it that way. I got up this morning, and I downloaded the latest expansion pack for Borderlands. I’m excited. New environments, new guns, new humor, more experience so I can level u…and then I got sacked.  No, the level cap increase is not included with ... Read More »

Wow that’s a huge iMac…

Yesterday, my new computer finally arrived, after a week of waiting (and a bit of buyer’s remorse.) Today, I’ve spent most of the morning/afternoon setting it up… but wait, it’s tuesday, tuesdays are usually reserved for Meep/Mr. Geeklife days of fun. Notso today. I’ve been allowed to pretty much coop myself up in my room ... Read More »

moving perpetually forward

When I was still in elementary school, I got an AM/FM radio for christmas. It was from Radio Shack. I listened to the DC rock radio stations with it. And it was amazing. When I entered middle school, I upgraded to a portable radio with headphones. That was pretty awesome. I then got my first ... Read More »

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