Have I mentioned that I’m an idiot?

I believe in self deprecation. It keeps one honest and humble. Socrates once said that true knowledge is knowing that you know nothing. A fair statement. However, I exemplify the concept of stupidity, considering I’ll do something dumb, even after lots of research. Lets examine the last two weeks. Continue Reading →


A Man and his monkey

Like chocolate and peanut butter. Like Ponch & Jon, B.J. and The bear, there’s a man and his bike. Figured I’d share this one. Its a 3 minute long exposure. Not sure how I stood still for so long. But I did. I think it came out pretty well.


New Chain Tensioner

So I wanted a chain tensioner. But all the ones out there were kinda boring, and didnt really do it for me. And of course, someone out there is thinking, “Its a chain tensioner man, why do you even care?” I’ll tell you why. Style. Its all about style. If it can look badass for the same price as looking nondescript, lets examine badass. Continue Reading →


Because retro is good!

The stock tail light on the bike is good. Its a cateye shape, it illuminates my license plate. It does its job. However, its made of plastic. It could contain more awesome than imaginable. Continue Reading →