Thank You Prime Day!

Okay, so I admit that I’ve been saving up some purchases for Prime day, so I could save a couple bucks. All targeted purchases for sure, but why not save a little moolah? This year I picked up:

  • A silicone insert/divider for my crock pot.
  • A sink attached cup/glass washer
  • barrel flags for my rifles
  • A 4 slot M.2 RAID enclosure
  • Four 2TB M.2 SSD’s
  • A lighting kit for my Lego 1970 Ferrari 512
  • A new case for my phone
  • A 100 Watt USB-C charger for laptops, etc
  • An after-market Gear indicator for one of my motorcycles

I’d call that a pretty decent list. On the side, I may have also picked up a preorder for StarField, Forza Racing, and the new Cyberpunk DLC. I think I’m good on games for a while for sure.

Sadly, I was hoping for a killer deal on the Apple Watch Ultra. However, none were to be had. I cant bring myself to spend $800, so I guess I’m sitting on that one a while longer. However, I might trade in an old computer for the watch, which would work out nicely.


So yes, All told, a good Prime Day bit of success. Now I have a raid to build. Woo!